A Place For Your Soul To Breathe

Hello Nature Babe

I am here to empower the Divine Feminine so that we may live in more balance as a species on the Earth. My mission is to guide women in remembering their true nature to co-create and hold sacred space with love and compassion for my community.

Re-connecting women to Nature to experience a deeper state of Self Love, Self Healing, & Self-acceptance

Sound Bath Experience

Everything you see around you is vibrating. We are constantly experiencing this vibration on a cellular level, by both heard and unheard frequencies.

Nature Babes Retreats

Give yourself the truest gift of time and presence to listen to what you need and desire. To refocus, re-center and come home to YOU.

Hi there, I’m Amanda!

Welcome Gorgeous Soul!!!

I’m so glad you made it!

My name is Amanda Marie

I reconnect Women with Nature so they can experience a state of deep Love, Healing, & Acceptance.

As a Medium, and Healer, I channel your loved ones who have passed on. I am a Messenger of Truth and High Vibrational Frequencies that have difficulty penetrating the human psyche, due to our conditioning and trauma.

Through the right mix of intuition and inspired action, I teach Women to create abundance on their own terms!

I can’t wait to meet you and help you on your journey to reconnection, healing and joy!

Have Questions?

Great – I’m here and happy to help! I invite you to schedule a 15-min Call with me to ask away and learn more about all the details of this retreat experience.